Profile Tube 3 Roller Pipe Bending Machine Iron Steel Rolling Machine Made in China

Profile Tube 3 Roller Pipe Bending Machine Iron Steel Rolling Machine Made in China


The device is composed by device body,side roller,support roller, The transmission portion,the electrical portion and hydraulic areas and mould and many others..

The device is curved 3-roller bending machine and has the pre-bending purpose.The a few functioning roller act as the main-drive rollers through the hydraulic motor,gears .The two bottom roller make vertical motion by hydraulic push. The two bottom rollers can do arc lifting movement by fixed middle of rotation.In the two sides of operating roller there are assistance roller and correction of guide roller ,will be valuable in high quality manage of Asymmetrical part bending(like steel angle).

The support roller and correction roller has a few movement:one.vertical movement.two. arc lifting motion with the lower roller synchronously. 3.rotary movement synchronously to promise the molding good quality in the method of bending.The two decrease rollers’s vertical movement can be exhibited by digital , visual.There are unbiased operational desk ,easy in procedure.The device human body is metal welded ,and by means of annealing treatment method to minimize innerstress. Side roller is geared up in the machines’ cavity,via the two sides roller cylinder,they can make curved movement alongside the curved manger by center axis. Help roller is equipped the remaining-appropriate rotary hand,and can do curved motion with the side roller.At the very same time can do fastened angle rotary and vertical motion by means of help roller rotary cylinder and help roller cylinder. The vertical motion of the facet roller has the electronic display ,effortless in operation.The total device has enough energy and stiffness and can fulfill the needs of bending in all types of variety. It is achievable to bend angle steel,flat steel,square metal,U steel, design steel ,round bar,metal tube.The machine has advantaged framework,dependable in working,little in volume,and mixed composition,it is the sophisticated forming machine and broadly used.

equipment pushed program

The machine’s 3 rollers are all major-pushed rollers and pushed by hydraulic motor, by means of 3 calss equipment and transfer to two facet rollers,via two class equipment transfer and very first class chain to the upper roller.

the function of the machine

The device is a few roller all pushed ,and can prepare the pre-bending of the metal,by way of correction supporting roller,can right the contort in the process.

the equipment doing work range

The basic parameter in the parameter listing is the max. affordable functioning ability with very good economic achievement ,the other type like spherical bar,sqare bar,steel tube,if the part modulus is less than 16CM3 ,can be bended by means of associated molds.

the doing work process

Can prepare the pre-bending in the equipment,the roller method as below.

four,The bending for all content,CZPT die mixture as below

four.2,flat metal,squre steel rolling

Flat steel and aqure steel are symmetrical material and effortless in bending,pre-bending can undertake uneven bending. Some deformation are not able to be averted. If only one time or small number bending ,the deformation can be decreased.If there are numerous measures in bending,so to enlarge the clearance of the mildew is required.

Photo 1.two-1 mold combination,use one.1-1 type.It is suited for huge area modulus. When bending,the mold clearance hold at least .5MM

Picture 1.two-2 mildew mixture,Upper roller use -2 or one.1-3 variety,two bottom roller use 1.1-one kind,it is ideal for huge area modulus,little in peak bending.Tiny square bar can use thie bending also.

Image one.2-1,use picture one.2-2 bending,but prohibit use the 3 type spiral winding technique


The flat steel’s flat bending and squre steel’ bending can use any mold’s compound mode. Undertake the asymmetric bending,the facet roller will increase gradually,in any other case there will be deformation.Change direct rail to the identical length, for straightforward advice angle between the profiles and the roller axis and suitable for bending tiny functioning items with modest bending tension,there will be slipping phenomenon when bending procedure. To boost the roller pressure can avoid this phenomenon.

Profile can be bended bigger in dimension than the mildew,must adjusted the friction clutch tigher.

4.3,T syple metal bending

T style steel excurvation: the blended mould as photo,use asymmetric bending,to adjust the facet roller in close proximity to the principal roller into suited press,but not so big.In any other case will cause the internal edge distortion,tigh the friction clutch

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Profile Tube 3 Roller Pipe Bending Machine Iron Steel Rolling Machine Made in China