Customized Belt Chain Conveyor System for Production Line

Customized Belt Chain Conveyor System for Production Line

Product Description   

The unpowered roller conveyor depends on the roller to complete the transportation, which is suitable for the transportation of all varieties of boxes, luggage, pallets and other items of items.The unpowered roller conveyor is primarily composed of rollers, supporting legs, pulling supports, regulating ft and other elements.

It is simple to join and filter in between the unpowered roller conveyors, and the complicated logistics transportation method can be composed of several roller conveyor traces and other conveyors or particular machines to meet up with numerous technological demands.The unpowered roller conveyer is suitable for transporting items with flat base.It has the characteristics of massive amount of conveyors, quick speed and simple operation, and it can comprehend multiple varieties of frequent line distributary conveyors. It is the most broadly used type of conveyors.


Powerless roller conveyer

Machine body optional materials: carbon steel, stainless metal, aluminum alloy, and so on.

Roller content: galvanized carbon steel, chrome plated carbon steel, carbon steel
, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, PVC, Ab muscles, and so forth

Please confirm the subsequent complex parameters:

1. Size, width and top of the conveying object

2. Excess weight of each conveying unit

three. Bottom condition of the conveyor

4. Whether or not there are particular doing work surroundings requirements (these kinds of as humidity, higher temperature, influence of chemical substances, and so forth.)

five. The conveyor is fastened or cellular

6. Other specific customization specifications

Packing & Delivery   

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Customized Belt Chain Conveyor System for Production Line