2 Inch Stainless Steel 304L Welded Wire Mesh

2 Inch Stainless Steel 304L Welded Wire Mesh

two inch stainless metal 304L welded wire mesh

Stainless steel welded wire mesh: stainless steel welded wire mesh usually adopts 

201,202,304,304L, 316,316L stainless steel wire as raw material, made by machinery 

automation technology in precision machining, the net surface smooth, firm structure, 

strong integrity, even if the partial cutting or partial pressure is not to loose strength 



Specification Listing of welded wire mesh netting roll
Opening Wire Diameter
In inch In metric device(mm)
1/4″ x 1/4″ six.4mm x six.4mm 22,23,24
3/eight” x three/8″ ten.6mm x ten.6mm 19,20,21,22
1/2″ x 1/two” twelve.7mm x twelve.7mm sixteen,seventeen,eighteen,19,twenty,21,22,23
five/8″ x five/8″ 16mm x 16mm eighteen,19,twenty,21,
three/four” x three/4″ 19.1mm x 19.1mm sixteen,seventeen,eighteen,19,twenty,21
one” x 1/2″ 25.4mm x 12.7mm sixteen,seventeen,eighteen,19,twenty,21
one-1/two” x 1-one/two” 38mm x 38mm fourteen,fifteen,16,seventeen,18,19
1″ x two” 25.4mm x fifty.8mm 14,fifteen,sixteen
two” x two” fifty.8mm x 50.8mm 12,13,fourteen,15,sixteen
and far more mesh measurement

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2 Inch Stainless Steel 304L Welded Wire Mesh